from Poison And Nectar by My Riot

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intro :

it's been a game that you played
a game that you lost
now it's time to pay the cost
I'm here to collect
you can try to neglect
but I'm here to collect you're fuckin neck
you can live like that
but i won't live like that
i can't live like that
I want more than that
you're a fuckin twat
with a hole in you're heart
you're a fucked up whore
in your fucked up mind...

you broke her heart
she's been crying all night
she lost her soul
then she lost her mind
she believed in you
all the things you said
has been a game that you played
you're a liar , yes a fuckin liar
soul of a coward
now taste my riot

now I'm off the leash
I'm getting from my knees
and I'll learn how to hate you harder
fury melts the mind
I've been broke and blind
but I learned how to hate you fucker

get up from you're knees
can't kill us all
you're a liar, yes a fuckin liar
soul of a coward
now taste my riot

taste my riot

they can't kill us all

rise from your knees...


from Poison And Nectar, released December 12, 2009
Tr_Hacker - music, production, mix
G - vocals, additional production, mix and master


all rights reserved



My Riot Poland

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